Any Regional Centre ?


The Centre of Excellence in Reproductive Health Innovation has enrolled students from different African countries making a truly continent-wide Centre of Excellence. This has facilitated the exchange of knowledge between African Countries.

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Do we offer Scholarships/Internship Opportunities for Students?


CERHI offers scholarships to highly qualified international students as well as support students on internship programmes in National, Regional and International Institutions. Internship is an integral part of the programme offered to students in relevant public and private sector establishments to enable the students enhance their technical as well as develop their entrepreneurial skills. Students are welcome to submit applications for these scholarship to the Centre's Management Office.

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What is the quality of the Centre Infrastructure and Facilities ?


CERHI has an ultramodern Secretariat located in the heart of the University of Benin with the following facilities:  Lecture Theatres, with modern learning materials  Teleconferencing facilities  Laboratory for high grade research  Reproductive health library  E-library facilities with EBSCO host journal, science direct, E-journals, Ebooks and Journals  Free WI-FI, both in classrooms and in students‟ hostels  Uninterrupted power supply etc. The Centre also has a comfortable and well-furnished accommodation for international students which features uninterrupted power supply alongside free Wi-Fi and comfortable conveniences for students. An ultramodern guest house, well-furnished and equipped with comfortable [...Read more]

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How Innovative is our Curricula?


CERHI has innovative curricula that encourage interdisciplinary training of students with emphasis on development of superior problem-solving and analytical skills. These programmes cover well chosen areas that are scientifically up to date and have high relevance and attractiveness for the labour market in Africa and globally.

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Do we have Cutting Edge Research and Innovation?


CERHI is a research and training Centre with emphasis on cutting edge research and innovation. Studying with us would afford students the opportunity to join the CERHI team of award winning scientists and experts who have led the development and implementation of several ground-breaking ideas in research in the field of sexual and reproductive health and population studies.

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Do we have Accreditation?


All CERHI programmes have obtained institutional accreditation from the Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation (APHEA) based in Belgium. In addition, two of our short courses were given international accreditation as a Continuing Training & Education Event (CTEE). CERHI also received international accreditation from the High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES), France for Masters programmes in Nursing, Reproductive Health and Health Economics. All CERHI programmes have had national accreditation from the National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria. Our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills that will enable them compete with their peers trained in other [...Read more]

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